How to Build a Dashboard for your Nonprofit

A well-designed dashboard is meant to show a glance at whether a nonprofit is making headway on its critical variables. These variables differ from one group to another, but a tailored dashboard organizes and focuses conversations and keeps them moving among various stakeholder groups. Thus, they are a critical tool of strategy and transparency for modern nonprofits. But many nonprofit leaders are still confused about how key indicators should be developed and visually tracked.

In this workshop, guided by Hilda Polanco, two nonprofits will share their dashboards with participants, discussing the rationales behind what they track, the tools they use to construct the graphics, and the ways their dashboard is used to guide conversations and reporting to various internal and external stakeholders.

Click here to download the slides! 

Guest speakers:

Christa Gannon, Executive Director and Founder, Fresh Lifelines for Youth

Jenny Ocon, Executive Director, UpValley Family Services

Topics covered:
  • The value of the basic process for establishing and maintaining a dashboard
  • How to choose the metrics you will track
  • How the information is used with various stakeholder groups
  • How to think about graphic design

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