The FMA team supports nonprofits with a global view—from organizations that are rescuing children in troubled nations to those building life-saving water systems.

International nonprofits facing internal control and financial management challenges engage the FMA team to help resolve the unique issues that crop up while operating programs around the world.

When operating with heavy government resources, international organizations require sophisticated financial management infrastructures that are compliant to multiple government and international requirements.

Our work with international agencies also stems from their need to build capacity for growth. Most recently we have been helping international nonprofits form for-profits or vice-versa as social innovation and entrepreneurs expand the impact of their giving.

Another example of a project with an international group meant designing the controls for a donor tracking and acknowledgement system.  We have also recently developed budgeting and reporting systems that accompany a new fiscal policies and procedures manual that impacts world operations. Finally our outsourcing team supports international groups with front line strategic, financial management and transactional accounting services.

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