Though money may not make the world go ’round, when you’re running an environmental nonprofit it is a vital tool.

How well an organization’s money is managed and reflected in its financial reports can make the difference between winning or renewing a government or foundation grant—or losing out.

For the FMA team, the greening of America means ensuring our environmental clients are running at maximum efficiency, with strong financial management systems and balance sheets.

As the world grows more conscious of how important it is to safeguard and protect our environment, we bring our environmental clients the peace of mind and financial security they need to bring us all a healthier planet.

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“After experiencing a period of significant growth, including managing a high volume of financial transactions and an increasingly complex financial operations, it was evident that our staffing structure needed to be re-assessed.

Through their infrastructure review process, FMA recommended and implemented key changes to our fiscal staffing, with the goal to increase operational efficiency, match programmatic growth and meet the needs of the increased size and complexity of NRDC.”

— Sarah Gillman, Chief Financial Officer, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

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