Everyone wants students to get an excellent education.

Whether you run a private, public, or charter school, you must offer the facilities, supplies, and resources your teachers need to successfully provide strong educational outcomes.

Too many schools are closing because of poor financial management. And without solid infrastructure, strong budgets, and accurate reporting, this trend could continue.

Of course, fear of school closure isn’t the only reason clients turn to the FMA team. Many of the schools we serve are expanding, or have decided to pursue a government grant and need to understand how to model out a program through complicated budgets.

Some school leaders want to calculate how much it costs per student and others want to ensure they have the airtight internal controls necessary to protect their assets.

Whatever the specifics of the situation at your school, our seasoned consultants can help.

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 “FMA’s efforts to keep in mind the ‘people’ side of the project, not just the technical aspect, are truly appreciated.

I came into my position with no working knowledge of taxes or the fiscal needs of an organization other than rudimentary bookkeeping, and FMA’s patience and kindness went above and beyond any of our expectations.

With FMA’s help, I am now more knowledgeable and organized and ready to file FLI’s next set of tax returns.”

-Gina Esposito, Director of Development, Future Leaders Institute of New York City

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