Results-Oriented Leadership Excellence (ROLE) Services

Over the course of 15 years of serving more than a thousand nonprofit organizations, FMA consultants have become experts in how organizations stumble in managing their finances. And we are occasionally troubled by failures that seem frustratingly beyond the grasp of our usual tools. We can help an organization get just the right financial software and make sure the fiscal office is properly staffed, implement a new accounting package or even overhaul the entire fiscal infrastructure…and then, somehow, financial decisions fall short of the mark.

Whether the leadership team challenges are chalked up to team dynamics, organization culture, office politics, or change management–the problem boils down to a well meaning group of individuals in leadership roles having difficulty working together to arrive at and then achieve shared aims for the organizations.

At FMA, we commit to our clients that we will work with them to identify and surmount every barrier hindering the achievement of operational excellence, the precursor to long-term sustainability. This is the hardest work we do, but it is also the most transformative for leaders and their organizations.

Welcome to ROLE Services… 

Results Oriented Leadership Excellence, or ROLE, is our formal consulting service that helps leadership teams develop unity, speed decision-making and achieve results. Inspired by Patrick Lencioni’s insightful Five Dysfunctions of a Team and drawing on time-tested self-assessment tools, ROLE services build trust outward from individual leaders to the teams they depend on, creating a stable platform for productive Conflict, shared Commitment, high standards of Accountability and the achievement of Results. Results are critical.

We designed ROLE services both to complement FMA’s fiscal expertise where necessary and to stand on their own wherever leaders need help jump-starting financially driven decisions like implementing a strategic plan, making the most of new technology, or coping with significant organization growth and change.

Training leadership teams has always been an FMA strength, but it is something we‘ve done to complement our services while helping organizations cope with the demands of fiscal compliance and strategy.

ROLE represents a new and significant investment for FMA in confronting the challenges of nonprofit leadership head on.

Engagement Structure

A ROLE engagement will occupy 15 hours of each participating staff member’s time over the course of two months, with the majority of time being allocated in two consecutive days at an offsite location. Prior to the off site, leadership team members will complete two simple online assessments taking no more than an hour combined.

FMA’s Principal for ROLE services, Stuart Cohen, has over 20 years in organization development experience and is recognized for his ability to mentor leaders and coach teams. He also has been with FMA for nine years, playing a leading role on our program design.

Since readiness to change is key to success in any capacity building, As part of a ROLE engagement, you will be asked to identify a challenge the leadership team faces when making decisions with financial implications, the impact it is having on your organization, and what you hope the outcome of a successful resolution would look like. We are especially interested in hearing about the leadership team’s financial management challenges. Please contact Stuart Cohen at 212-931-9240 to discuss your organization’s needs.


We worked with FMA at a pivotal time for our organization, as Phipps Neighborhoods grew by 30% in one year. This was the next stage implementation of our Theory of Action, and needed to be managed with the same focused attention that led to this expansion. FMA was the perfect partner for this work—they helped us build leadership structures to support our growth, anticipate and prepare for challenges, and strengthen our organization to succeed during a transformational time.

Dianne Morales, Executive Director and CEO

Phipps Neighborhoods


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