Policies and Procedures

Written documents outlining an organization’s fiscal policies and procedures reduce the risk of inappropriate use of funds while also ensuring that consistent processes are followed even during periods of staff turnover or transition.

FMA can help your organization create a fiscal policies and procedures manual that documents your key fiscal processes and establishes effective internal financial controls.

To develop a fiscal policies and procedures manual customized to your organization, FMA will:

  • Review your organization’s relevant program and financial information, and applicable laws and regulations
  • Interview key staff members, board members, and external auditors
  • Develop a new or revised set of policies and procedures outlining staff roles and responsibilities, fiscal processes, and internal control mechanisms
  • Assist in implementing the manual, including staff orientation and training
  • Evaluate the implementation of the manual in follow-up meetings and consultations

Download a sample Policy and Procedures Manual Table of Contents here.


“We now have a blueprint specifically designed for our organization that assists senior management in operating more efficiently and in optimizing our limited existing resources.

This enables us to work toward common goals and ensures that our infrastructure can support the expansion of Common Ground.”

– Rosanne Haggerty, Executive Director, Common Ground

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