Business Planning

Many nonprofits undertake strategic planning, but too few link this strategic plan to a financial business plan.

Business planning bridges the gap between mission and programs, and the resources needed to deliver those programs.

FMA understands that developing a business plan can be an intense, complex and time consuming process, with a unique set of needs for every organization.

FMA tailors an approach suitable to each organization’s needs and provides hands-on, functional assistance, throughout the process.

Specifically, FMA:

  • Establishes a process that includes a timeline and the roles of the board, management team, and staff
  • Clarifies programmatic and financial goals
  • Reviews current financial, human, and organizational resources
  • Creates program expense and revenue models based on well-supported assumptions


“We now have a blueprint specifically designed for our organization that assists senior management in operating more efficiently and in optimizing our limited existing resources.

This enables us to work toward common goals and ensures that our infrastructure can support the expansion of Common Ground.”

– Rosanne Haggerty, Executive Director, Common Ground

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