Do you wonder if your business model works financially?

Have you ever questioned if your operations can be more efficient?

Are your financial and human resource efforts driven by strategy or basic management and transactional needs?

Are you facing chronic finance office turnover?

Did you face a tough audit and were left with questions?  

Do you dread budget time?

Do you need advice on whether your accounting software is right for your organization or if it is being used effectively?

These are common questions that drive nonprofits to use FMA consulting services! FMA consulting services help maximize the effectiveness of your decision making by providing the right financial advice, guidance and tools to address your challenges. FMA’s consulting expertise addresses a broad range of financial and human resource areas. Click on the areas below to see how FMA consulting can help your nonprofit:


“FMA has been a vitally important partner for LIFT, and a key to our ongoing success.

Strategic, smart, and driven by best-practices, the entire FMA team boosts LIFT’s capacity.”

-Melissa Beck, Executive Director, LIFT

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Dipty Jain, Esq., CPA, CGMA

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