Interim Services

In times of organizational change and transition, you need a steady hand on the fiscal wheel. While staff may come and go, your organization’s mission remains the same: Your focus is on providing programs and services to your community without having to worry whether your payroll is executed, vendor payments are made, bank accounts are reconciled or the right reports are being prepared for the board. You need financial leadership. But it can be a challenge to find skilled, efficient, reliable financial managers. This is especially true on short notice, when you need someone to step in and keep your organization’s fiscal affairs in order while you find the right person to serve as your accountant, finance director or CFO.

Why seek interim services?

Our nonprofit and philianthropic clients seek FMA’s expertise under a variety of circumstances:

  • Growth or strategic shifts requiring extra fiscal management capacity,
  • The planned departure of a long-time staffer or a sudden vacancy,
  • A fiscal or operational crisis, or
  • The transition to new leadership where financial coaching or mentoring may be helpful.

FMA’s interim outsourcing services are custom designed to execute the accounting, financial management and leadership tasks that bring you peace of mind and security during your time of transition, period of growth, strategic pivot, or even unanticipated crisis. Whether you need help for a few days, a few weeks, or longer, we draw upon years of high-level experience as fiscal managers with a wide range of nonprofit, social sector, and philanthropic organizations to provide you with efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable assistance. An interim services engagement with FMA may include:

  • Processing payroll and/or vendor payments
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Weekly cash flow reporting
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Coordinating the audit process and developing and/or reviewing audit schedules
  • Attending critical management meetings
  • Providing orientation support and transferring organizational knowledge to the incoming finance leader, including developing a transition memo outlining issues that he or she will need to address over the short or long term.

Why FMA?

FMA’s culturally and linguistically diverse consultants are deeply committed to serving nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and we bring our depth and breadth of experience to the table in ensuring that your organization has the necessary support to achieve its mission. We recognize that you cannot afford to have your financial support system interrupted while trying to achieve your day-to-day and long-term goals. And our consultants are not there just to keep the machine running. We assess risks and provide preventative measures to maintain your organization’s fiscal health, and we build capacity along the way.

When you are ready to take over, your staff has the skills they need and the best-practices in place to continue seamlessly serving your community.

Please let us know how our interim services can help you!

Interim Services Overview

Download an overview of FMA’s interim services here.

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