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Whatever your needs, FMA has services to meet them.

At FMA it’s all about helping nonprofits meet their mission. What you need and what works for your organization. There’s no formula that fits every circumstance. That’s why, over the years, we have developed an array of services tailored to our clients’ needs.

FMA’s services are designed to help nonprofit organizations, from start-ups to legacy agencies, build the fiscal muscle they need to more efficiently fulfill their mission.

FMA delivers capacity building services in three areas:


Foundations and nonprofits seek FMA consulting for many reasons. Whatever challenges your organization is facing, FMA consulting is here to help.



Whether you want to reduce accounting and financial management costs, improve the quality of financial information and reports, or eliminate the burden of managing an in-house accounting department, FMA outsourcing provides financial security and peace of mind.



Whether you are interested in becoming certified through the nationally recognized Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) program or in customized training for your organization, the FMA Institute ensures the highest quality training in the country.




 “FMA’s efforts to keep in mind the ‘people’ side of the project, not just the technical aspect, are truly appreciated.

I came into my position with no working knowledge of taxes or the fiscal needs of an organization other than rudimentary bookkeeping, and FMA’s patience and kindness went above and beyond any of our expectations.

With FMA’s help, I am now more knowledgeable and organized and ready to file FLI’s next set of tax returns.”

-Gina Esposito, Director of Development, Future Leaders Institute of New York City

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