Funding Opportunity Assessment Tool

A new grant or contract can be vital to funding your organization's programs—but brings responsibilities and risks as well. This tool will help you evaluate whether a funding opportunity makes strategic sense and is feasible for your organization.
Good Match
Possible Match
Questionable Match

How Results Are Calculated

The tool focuses on three areas: Can you deliver the program? What financial impact will it have on your organization? And, can you manage the contract? After answering the questions in each section, you will see how good a "match" the opportunity is for your organization, along with points to consider in making a decision about what to do. The degree of fit is illustrated by colors: green for a close, yellow for a possible , and red for questionable match.
The tool is best used in a group—so feel free to invite your colleagues to join you! Use it to guide a discussion that includes the Executive Director/CEO, Finance Director/CFO, Development Director, and the director or manager in charge of the program. Discussing these questions together will help you best evaluate the opportunity.
FMA thanks the Wallace Foundation for their support in the development of this tool.

Disclaimer: This tool is meant for internal planning and assessment purposes only and is in no way meant to assess or predict whether your organization will be awarded any particular grant or contract, nor should its results be cited or referred to in a grant or contract application.

Part 1: Program Delivery Capacity

Evaluate your capacity to deliver the program or service and assess how it relates to your mission.

Part 2: Financial Impact

Consider whether the program or service will be financially feasible for your organization.

Part 3: Contract Administration

Assess your administrative capability to manage and report on the contract.