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FMA exists to build a community of individuals with the confidence and skills to lead organizations that change the world.

Since 1999, our dedicated consultants have served major foundations and nonprofit organizations nationwide and around the world by helping them develop the capacity they need to fulfill their missions more effectively and efficiently. Foundations routinely call on FMA to strengthen grantee operations and fiscal management, improve their own grant-making capacity, and increase the financial knowledge of their staff. Nonprofit organizations depend on FMA to offer advisory services and practical tools to surmount challenges and navigate significant decisions.

Drawing on a culturally and linguistically diverse staff, with experience across the philanthropic sector, we deliver services that are sensitive to the needs of both nonprofit and funding organizations. Our collaborative approach includes funder input and involvement at each stage of an engagement, and at the core of every project we deliver is our commitment to developing strong and trusting relationships between funders and their grantees.

From offices in New York, Chicago, Oakland and Los Angeles, FMA provides services in three major categories:

Consulting & Advisory Services
FMA’s consulting services equip nonprofit leaders with the tools to monitor and manage financial performance and develop a culture of Operational Excellence. FMA’s experienced team of consultants can help establish the fiscal and operational infrastructure to support an organization’s operating needs and develop capacity for future growth.

Outsourced Solutions
FMA’s outsourcing services are custom tailored to efficiently execute the daily, monthly and quarterly accounting and financial management tasks that keep organizations focused on their programs. Our seasoned consultants bring clients the peace of mind and security of knowing their financials are compliant with stakeholder needs and their decisions are based on accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-read financial reports.

Training and Coaching
FMA is a critical trainer to the nonprofit sector. Our coaches and trainers work with individuals; nonprofit boards of directors; executive, program, development, and human resources professionals; and foundation leadership and program officers.


FMA envisions a nonprofit sector where every organization practices sound and effective management necessary to meet its mission.


FMA exists to build a community of individuals with the confidence and skills to lead organizations that change the world.


Integrity is the cornerstone FMA value for all of our relationships.

The FMA team is dedicated to delivering high quality services rooted in best practices and applied in pragmatic ways.

FMA’s clients are the experts at what they do, and we partner with them so they can achieve their goals.

The FMA team believes diverse perspectives are key to identifying the best solutions. Our talented staff reflects a diversity of cultures, knowledge, and skills.


Our Team

FMA exists to build a community of individuals with the confidence and skills to lead organizations that change the world.

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