Are you ready for the FASB update?

We are preparing a number of tools and resources to help nonprofits prepare for the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) changes.  We have already taken steps to share the implications of the new standards through an interview and webinar at Nonprofit Quarterly listed at the bottom of this page. If you would like to be notified as we develop new tools and resources, please fill out the brief form below:

Resources for preparing for the new FASB rules

Nonprofit Quarterly interview with Hilda Polanco: What the New FASB Accounting Standards Will Mean for Your Nonprofit  — Download a PDF of this article here

Nonprofit Quarterly webinar:  Part 1 — Preparing for the One BIG FASB Change in Nonprofit Financial Reporting — Watch the webinar below and download the slides here

Nonprofit Quarterly Webinar: Part 2 — Are you ready to comply with the new FASB Guidelines? Watch part 2 in our series of webinars on this topic below and download the slides here.

Nonprofit Quarterly Webinar: Part 3 — Disclosures, Endowments, and Cash Flows—Oh My!

Click here to download the slides.

Quick Overview

Click here to download a brief overview of the FASB changes coming!

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