From Operational Excellence to Strategy: FMA and Quidoo

Some of our most impactful projects in the last five years have been collaborations with strategic planning firms. Translating the lofty vision of a strategic plan into detailed financial and operational steps—ensuring that the goals outlined in those plans are specific about execution and grounded in financial realities–has proved uniquely valuable to our clients.

One such collaboration has resonated particularly strongly. John Brothers and Michelle Pullaro at Quidoo Consulting have a deep knowledge of the intersection of organizational capacity and life-cycle. Their approach exhibits a natural synergy with FMA’s commitment to frankly assessing an organization’s operational capacity and spurring it to excellence. John and Michelle, too, have felt the lure of operation and implementation. And, this year, they will move beyond consulting in their own ‘life-cycle’ to put strategy into action for two wonderful organizations—John as President of the T. Rowe Price Foundation and Michelle as the Chief Administration Officer at Per Scholas.

But we couldn’t let Quidoo fade away…

We are delighted to announce that FMA will inherit the resources–and amplify the work–of Quidoo Consulting. For FMA, this is a wonderful opportunity to expand our service offerings and incorporate Quidoo’s assessment tools and analytical structure into our practice in ways that will allow us to have even greater impact with organizations: as a partner in strategic planning and organizational assessment.

“Michelle and I are really proud of the many years we have invested in Quidoo and are excited that these efforts will continue to build the sector through our combined experience of almost 40 years. We could not imagine a better team to amplify the work of Quidoo and take it to the next level.”
– John Brothers

John and Michelle will continue on as advisors to FMA and help ensure that their contributions to the theory and practice of strategic planning and organizational assessment will live on in the sector. FMA will also continue to partner with strategic planners and others to deliver this work. And, together, we invite you to consider a strategic planning process that looks for vision and inspiration while keeping operational excellence always in sight.

About Quidoo
Since its founding by Dr. John Brothers in 2003, Quidoo Consulting served as a strategic thought-partner to thousands of community leaders, social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, boards, corporations, governments, foundations and philanthropists. During more than a decade of service, Quidoo created and advanced a number of high profile initiatives including national, regional and community collaboratives that expanded service offerings and improved impact in sectors like health care, early childhood education, philanthropy and poverty alleviation. At the end of 2015, Quidoo had worked with over 500 clients in twelve countries throughout the globe.


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