Nonprofit Quarterly Webinar: Models and Components of Great Nonprofit Dashboards

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Nearly 1000 listeners tuned in for a webinar on an important, timely topic with FMA’s very own CEO, Hilda Polanco. Dashboards – why are they valuable, and what are the components that comprise a good one? Ruth McCambridge of Nonprofit Quarterly introduces and moderates Hilda Polanco, who then walks you through a number of examples from various kinds of organizations so that you can tailor your own dashboard to fit your organization’s needs.”

“Dashboards” are popular because as Ms. Polanco appropriately points out, “big data is overwhelming us,” so the key question becomes, “what is the critical data that we need to look at?” Dashboards create transparency and clarity, if used properly, and should be used to celebrate your organization’s victories and successes.

The first part of your “journey,” as Hilda refers to this step-by-step process of creating effective dashboards, is figuring out what you are measuring. Define your monitoring process and determine what data is valuable and what you want to track.

Creating dashboards is a continuous process that requires constant evaluation and refinement, but you and your organization will not regret putting in the work required to implement effective dashboards.

If you’d like words of financial wisdom infused into your daily life, you can follow Ms. Polanco at #hildaonfinance.


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